The Centre for Hand and Reconstructive MicroSurgery (CHARMS) is located at Paragon Medical Suites, an iconic healthcare hub in Singapore filled with specialty healthcare services and excellent physicians. Established in 2004, CHARMS is the first private facility purely dedicated to hand and reconstructive microsurgery.

CHARMS is equipped with specially designed facilities to support our expertise in treating hand injuries and diseases. We provide all patients with the convenience of a one-stop centre, offering comprehensive and top-quality healthcare for the upper limb in one central location.

Dedicated Operating Rooms

CHARMS is outfitted with a fully equipped operating theatre complete with state of the art facilities to handle the most complex hand surgeries.

image of Dedicated Operating Rooms

Recovery Rooms

Post surgery, rest and recuperate in a relaxing and comfortable environment with dedicated personnel who will take care of all your needs.

Image of Recovery Rooms

Therapy & Follow-up Care Centre

Patients receive professional occupational hand therapy or follow-up care in a specially equipped room for splints and orthotics.

Image of Therapy & Follow-up Care Centre

Research and Development

The hand care team is continuously kept up-to-date through research and development in Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery.

Image of Research and Development

Image of Research and Development