Workplace Hand Injuries

For best results with minimum down-time and cost of treatment, see a Singapore Medical Council accredited Hand Surgeon.

Workers’ hands are constantly exposed to potential injury at the worksite. These workplace hand injuries range from minor wounds and sprains to devastating trauma that results in severe permanent disability. Some of these hand injuries can seem minor, but will result in significant disability and increased treatment costs if not managed appropriately. Treatment of hand injuries is best done by a qualified Singapore Medical Council Specialist Accreditation Board certified Hand Surgeon. Many of these injuries also require a period of rehabilitation, which is best done by a certified occupational therapist working closely with the hand surgeon who performed the surgery.

At CHARMS, we are a team of senior Singapore Medical Council accredited hand surgeons with vast experience in all forms of reconstructive hand surgery, and two certified occupational therapists specializing in rehabilitation of injured hands. We are able to treat all workplace hand injuries effectively and comprehensively, minimizing complications, recovery time and treatment costs. We work closely with industry human resources and safety officers to ensure workers return quickly to suitable duties without excessive medical leave, which we believe is detrimental to their rehabilitation and recovery.

Our commitment to keeping costs affordable means in most cases, surgical bills are comparable to what restructured hospitals charge for similar industrial accidents, without the long waiting time to admission and treatment or the uncertainty of having a junior surgeon or non-SMC accredited hand surgeon performing the operation.

Some common hand injuries at the workplace:-