About our Hand Surgeons

Dr Aaron Gan graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2005. He underwent Basic Surgical Training (BST) from 2006 to 2009, during which he developed a keen interest in microsurgical reconstruction through his rotations in plastic surgery and hand and reconstructive microsurgery. He successfully entered the Advanced Surgical Training (AST) programme in Hand Surgery right after completion of his BST. In 2012, Dr Gan completed his AST, succeeded in the exit examinations and obtained his specialist accreditation in Hand Surgery.

He was awarded the Singapore Society for Hand Surgery Travelling Fellowship in the same year and deepened his insights into perforator flap surgery at the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of Hanyang University Medical College in Seoul, South Korea. He was mentored by world-renowned Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Professor Jeong-Tae Kim. In the same year, he underwent a clinical observership at Seattle Children’s Hospital and studied brachial plexus birth palsy and paediatric hand conditions.

In 2014, Dr Gan was appointed as a Consultant in the Department of Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery at the National University Hospital. He has been personally involved in more than 60 microsurgical free tissue transfer surgeries, most of which were for reconstruction of upper and lower-limb traumatic injuries. Dr Gan works closely with his Orthopaedic Trauma colleagues in managing open upper and lower-limb fractures requiring soft tissue resurfacing.

Dr Gan’s microsurgical experience includes five major limb replantations, more than 50 digital replantations and critical revascularisations, including distal replantations employing supermicrosurgical techniques. In addition, Dr Gan has been a member of the National University Hospital Liver Transplant Team and has performed 25 microsurgical hepatic artery anastomoses for both adult and paediatric liver transplants. This includes two cases of paediatric liver transplants performed in CiptoMangunkusumo Hospital of the University of Indonesia in Jakarta. Dr Gan has a track record of 100 per cent success in hepatic artery anastomosis.

Dr Gan is also very experienced in managing hand and wrist trauma at his busy practice in the National University Hospital, as well as Jurong Health Services at Alexandra Hospital, where he has been appointed as a Visiting Hand Surgery consultant with the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. He has performed more than 200 cases of distal radius fracture fixations and close to 400 cases of fixations in the fingers and hand. Dr Gan is also a proponent of minimally-invasive surgery, which includes wrist arthroscopy in the treatment of both traumatic and degenerative wrist conditions. Whenever possible, he performs minimally-invasive percutaneous fixations of fractures in the hand to minimize complications related to open surgery. He is able to achieve a shorter recovery period and earlier restoration of hand function in his patients using these methods.

Dr Gan continues to be a Visiting Consultant with the Department of Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery at the National University Hospital, as well as the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Jurong Health Services in Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Medical Center.

In addition to hand and wrist trauma, Dr Gan specializes in microsurgical resurfacing in upper and lower-limb trauma, perforator flap surgery, supermicrosurgical distal digital replantation, hepatic artery anastomosis in liver transplantation, minimally-invasive hand surgery and wrist arthroscopy

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Book Chapters

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Overseas Lectures

  1. Workshop Instructor for Synthes 2.4mm Distal Radius VAL Plate. Indonesia Orthopaedic Association Annual Meeting, Jakarta. 19th Nov 2014.
  2. Overseas Faculty AO Basic Foundation Course Jakarta 21st – 23rd May 2015.