Hand Injuries


To the untrained eye, it is difficult to discern the severity of a hand injury. What may seem like a simple cut can, in fact, be a deep stab laceration. In the case of a deep cut to the palm, the ulnar nerve may be injured and result in paralysis of the intrinsic muscles to the hand. This may also cause the loss of sensation to the ring and little fingers.

Immediate treatment should be sought to ensure that the nerve is repaired properly with the right equipment and professional care. A delay may result in the need for a nerve graft and a poorer outcome.

What you see above may seem like a simple cut, but it is in fact a deep stab laceration to the right palm resulting in ulnar nerve injury.


Tendons are like cables that help you bend and straighten your fingers and they connect the joints of the fingers to the muscles. These muscles which move our fingers are located up in our forearms. The most common and difficult problem that patients experience after a tendon injury is the loss of the ability to fully bend or straighten their fingers.

This is the result of missed tendon injuries to the right middle and ring finger.

In such cases, surgery can be done to repair or graft the tendon, depending on the timing of surgery. Acute injuries require repair while late diagnosis may result in the need for grafting.

For immediate medical treatment, please contact our 24hr hand and wrist emergency hotline at +65 6535 8833.