About Dr Lim Beng Hai

Dr Lim obtained his medical degree from the National University of Singapore in 1985. This was followed by a Master of Medicine and joining the Fellow Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) in 1990.

He took up Advanced Hand Surgery Traineeship in 1990 and was accredited as a Specialist in Hand Surgery in September 1998. Dr Lim did his fellowship in Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery at the Christine Kleinert Institute for Hand and Microsurgery in 1994.

“CHARMS prides itself on providing the highest level of care for the upper limb in a personalized, professional and compassionate manner” – Dr Lim Beng Hai, Director and Senior Consultant Hand Surgeon.

He was awarded the Senior Fellowship in Hand Surgery by the University of Louisville Hospitals in 1995 to 1996. Upon his return to Singapore he was appointed the Adjunct Assistant Professor to the Department of Surgery, University of Louisville in the United States.

Dr Lim served as a consultant Hand Surgeon at the Singapore General Hospital until June 2000 where he went on to become Chief of the Department of Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery at the National University Hospital.

While in NUH, he actively participated in the management of the hospital. He was Associate Chairman of the medical board in 2001 to 2002 and Vice Chairman of themedical board from 2003 to 2004. He holds the Associate Professor position in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, in NUS and heads the Hand Division in the department. He continues to be an Adjunct Associate Professor to the department until 2011.

He enjoys teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students. He set up the Microsurgical Training Laboratory in NUH in 2001 and was Program Director for the laboratory and started joint training program in microsurgery with Aesculap Academy in 2003. The success of the microsurgical training laboratory propelled him to set up the STAR (Skills, Training and Research) Laboratory in NUH in 2003. The STAR lab was further expanded to include a digital medicine laboratory.

As the Chief of the Department of Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery, he started the department’s annual cadaveric symposium and workshop for GPs in 2000 and in 2001 the Foundations in Musculoskeletal Surgery for advanced trainees in hand, plastics and orthopaedic surgery.


His research interests include the Distal Radial Ulnar Joint, flexor tendon repairs and training and certification in microsurgery. His publications include some of his innovative surgical techniques which are recognized by the international hand surgery community.
Some of the techniques were cited in texts such as the Green’s Operative Hand Surgery, Atlas of Hand Clinics and Grabb’s Encyclopedia for Flap Surgery.


  • Director and Senior Consultant Hand Surgeon, Centre for Hand and Reconstructive MicroSurgery (CHARMS)
  • Chairman, Aptus Surgery Centre Pte Ltd
  • Chairman, Novaptus Surgery Centre Pte Ltd

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