Post Operative Care For Your Thumb Joint Replacement


a custom made splint will be fabricated for you in a position for your thumb to rest in the desired, functional thumb position

REHABILITATION (after surgery):

You will see a therapist to guide you in regaining your thumb functions during your recovery journey:

  • you will learn how to do thumb stretches, scar mobilisation and targeted thumb movements required for your basic activities of daily livings
  • our therapists will guide you in regaining thumb motions through specific hand exercise customised to your needs post operatively
  • you are encouraged to move your thumb frequently post operatively in a safe manner taught by your therapist, to achieve a faster recovery
  • through therapy you will regain the strength of your thumb enabling you to perform your daily tasks, usually without any pain as compared to pre-operated thumb
  • your therapist will be able to address any issues regarding the functions of your thumb post-surgery. If you need any clarification, just ask!