Hand Emergencies

Hands are constantly exposed to potential injury at the work site. These hand injuries range from minor wounds and sprains to devastating trauma that results in severe permanent disability. Some of these hand injuries can seem minor, but will result in significant disability and increased treatment costs if not managed appropriately. Many of these injuries also require a period of rehabilitation.

At CHARMS, we have dedicated hand surgeons with vast experience in reconstructive hand surgery, and hand therapists specializing in rehabilitation of injured hands.


  • Amputation Injuries

    Amputated fingers or hands can often be reattached successfully. It is crucial to preserve the amputated part properly and bring it with the worker when he comes to the hospital or clinic. It is also vital to seek proper medical care without delay, as this improves the chances of successful..

  • Complex Hand Trauma

    Occasionally, severe hand injuries can occur due to accidents with power tools and machines. These can result in significant damage to many structures in the hand, including bones, tendons, nerves, arteries and skin. Such hand injuries must be assessed and managed...

  • Fingertip Injuries

    Fingertip injuries are the most common injuries. These are usually due to crushing by slamming doors...

  • Open Hand Fractures

    Fractures occur when the bones in the hand and wrist are broken by impact from sports or simple accidents. These can be closed (no open wounds) or open (open wound near the broken bone ends)...