Controversy in Distal Radius Fracture Management

Distal radius fracture is one of the more common fractures in the upper limb. The distal radius articulates with the carpus and the distal ulnar gives rise to management problems when the fracture involves either of these joints. Due to the very close relationship of the ulnar with the distal radius, malunion of the distal radius can result in the ulnar being too long, articulation problems at the distal radial ulnar joints and midcarpal instability.

In view of these complications correct management of the distal radius is important. Controversies arise as to what should be the optimal treatment for the distal radius.

Some of the controversies discussed will include:

  • External fixation versus internal fixation
  • Need for a bone graft for distal radius fracture
  • Volar or dorsal approach for distal radius fracture
  • Locking plates for distal radius
  • Pre-operative imaging for distal radius